Course Enrollment

At HHS We handle course enrollment out of the HHS Guidance Office in the Winter/Spring of the current school year for the next school year.  Mrs. Hiebert presents course enrollment information to each grade level to help them make the right choices to have a full and FUN High School Experience that will prepare our students for their futures outside of HHS. Students then are able to request which classes they want to take based on their personal interests and educational goals. See the links below for the most current course handbooks!

These COURSE Enrollment days are NOT the same as SCHOOL Enrollment that happens each year. SCHOOL Enrollment (centered out of the HHS Front Office & USD 460 Central Office) encompasses all the needed info/documents/fees for students to ATTEND HHS.  COURSE Enrollment is the process of choosing classes.  BOTH Enrollments must be completed each year!

Students can expect to be asked about their class choices for next year around February each year.