USD 460 Waypin Logo

For decades, the Hesston USD 460 logo used on stationery, calendars, and other print items featured two children reading books under the canopy of a tree (see below).  In 2020, a member of the board of education (BOE) expressed an interest in the BOE considering adoption of a new, more contemporary logo for the district.  The decision was made to invite the Hesston High School's Computer Graphics Design class to take on designing a new district logo as part of its spring 2022 coursework.  

Several designs were presented to the BOE in April, 2022, for a "first look."  In November, 2022, the Board adopted the "waypin" design of junior, Meg Werner, as the district's new logo.  The waypin logo joins the Swather mascot logo as a distinctive mark for Hesston USD 460.