Username and Password List for HHS (downloadable file)

EBSCO and Infobase databases should not need log-in information entered at school. Gale databases and World Book Encyclopedia do need log-in information entered. All databases may need log-in information entered when devices are used off campus.

Database and Research Tips (downloadable file)

The databases are organized by general content area. Don't limit yourself to one section, though; there is overlap between many of the databases.


EBSCO Explora Database

Use these databases when looking for magazine articles or nonfiction ebooks to support your research.

Academic Search Premiere

This is a multi-disciplinary database from EBSCO. It provides full text for more than 4600 journals, and includes different sources than EBSCO Explora.


Opposing Viewpoints in Context

A great database from Gale organized by topic that includes pro/con viewpoints, news articles, videos, and other sources. Find the password on the Username and Password List document.

Issues and Controversies

This database from InfoBase presents articles in pro/con format that are supported by statistics, timelines, and primary sources. Many issues feature original videos and educator resources, as well as debate videos, newspaper editorials, audio content, and breaking news.

History Reference Center

This is a database from EBSCO specific to historical topics. It includes maps, images, videos, biographies, and more on topics related to U.S. or World History.


Health Reference Center

This database from InfoBase includes in-depth coverage of body systems, current health issues, major diseases and conditions, treatments, and procedures, as well as health and nutrition information specific to men, women, children, teens, and seniors.

Science in Context

Another great database from Gale, in the same format as Opposing Viewpoints, with topics covering math, science, health, medicine. Find the password on the Username and Password List document.

Today's Science

This is another database from InfoBase, focusing on various types of science. It is updated weekly and includes articles, videos, discussion questions, editorial cartoons, and more.


Encyclopedia Britannica

Online encyclopedias with links to the web and magazine articles as well.

World Book Encyclopedia Advanced

For access at home, find the password on the Username and Password List document.

Gale Virtual Reference Library

This is a database of encyclopedias and specialized reference sources for all types of research.


MyBib (This one is straight forward with no ads!)



US Newsstream

This database from ProQuest provides national and regional news sources from the U.S. and includes popular titles such as The New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, Boston Globe, Newsday, and Chicago Tribune.

World News Digest

This database from InfoBase provides over 300,000 original summaries and essays on current events.


This site explains the pros and cons of many various controversial issues.

This website presents current news topics from a variety of biases, not just one angle, so the reader can get the full picture rather than just one side of the story.

Associated Press Archive

This is the Associated Press's YouTube channel, where the organization has archived over 1 million stories dating back to 1895. Also check out the link on their page to their sister channel, British Movietone.