Hesston High School will be utilizing Chromebooks as the 1:1 device with all students in grades 9-12 beginning in August 2016. Below are a number of frequently asked questions and responses. Please let us know if you have others!

Q: Why switch from the iPads to Chromebooks as the student 1:1 device?

A: A number of factors go into such large decisions within a school system. There is a challenging balance between providing quality products for our students and the cost necessary to purchase such a large volume of devices. Google Apps have become the standard for many school districts across the country, and we have invested time and effort into the use of Google products as well. The Chromebook will allow the students to perform any and all tasks necessary for their daily classes at HHS.

Q: Which Chromebook model with the students be using?

A: We field tested several models, and ultimately selected the ASUS Chromebook Flip. We felt that it had a solid body design and provides great value per cost of device. (all Chromebooks function with the exact same operating system, the difference is in the build quality and internal components.)

Q: How will students save their work, the Chromebook has hardly any storage?

A: True there is very little local storage on the device. However, each students school Google account comes with unlimited storage across the apps, including Google Drive. Within the Drive app students can save almost all of the most common file types.

Q: I already have a personal Google Account, can I use my personal account with this device?

A: The students may only login to the device using their school Google account. We feel this is in the best interest of safety and security for our students and the devices.

Q: How will the students’ internet safety be assured with this program?

A: Internet use through the campus network is filtered for content. Chromebooks on campus are protected from inappropriate content in the same way all computers on campus are. However, there are three caveats: (1) no filtering system is perfect, (2) filtering systems are not a replacement for good decisions and ethical behavior, and (3) USD 460 works to assure a safe environment while students are on campus, but parents must help take responsibility to monitor and guide student use at home and other locations.

Q: Can I buy one of the iPads?

A: At this time the iPads will continue to be used in some capacity in the school district. The devices used by students at the HHS that are still in good working condition will now be used at the ES and MS.

Q: How will my son or daughter turn in homework that they complete on the Chromebook?

A: Many classrooms in our school use Google Classroom. This product allows teachers to post information regarding assignments, interact with classes, and collect student work. Ask your student to show you how this works!

Q: Can I print from my Chromebook?

A: There are printing options for the Chromebook devices, but our system is not set up for students to do that on the school network as we begin the 16-17 school year. Within the school building there are computers (such as in the library) available that will allow the students to print when needed. Much of the work they do on the device will be turned in electronically, so the overall need for printing is significantly less than it was just a few years ago.

Q: Will HHS begin using more digital textbooks?

A: Currently, a number of our classes have access to digital and web-based textbooks for all students along with a classroom set of the physical book. While we will not be completely digital in 2016-2017, this is certainly the trend in education and we will continue to utilize digital textbooks and resources as we move forward.

Q: How can I be sure that my student is using the Chromebook appropriately when he/she is not at school?

A: Many parents may have legitimate concerns about students using Chromebooks appropriately and responsibly outside of school. Below are some suggestions from other schools that have implemented a 1:1 tablet initiative to address parent concerns.

**Communicate with the teachers. Ask what kinds of activities you should be expecting to see your child doing for homework on the Chromebook and how much time you should be

expecting your child to spend on homework overall.

**Set Usage Limits. Even though the school is providing this wonderful learning tool, it is still not healthy for your child to be buried in the screen all night.

**Have the Chromebook charge in a common room in your house (i.e., kitchen, family room) but not in the bedroom. This way you can assure your child is not spending all night on the device.

**Set a time limit. Chromebook use needs to end at 9:00pm (or whatever time you feel is


**Establish a homework area for use of the device such as the kitchen rather than an isolated area.

**Check in with your children a couple of times while they are doing their homework on the Chromebook. Try not to make it a “policing” event but more of a “show me how you are using it and what you are doing.”

Q: I still have more questions. Who should I contact?

A: We are happy to discuss the Chromebook intiative and answers further questions. Please contact the following people at HHS:

Ty Rhodes

Phil Unruh

HHS Principal

Tech Director